Darius Allyn M.S.

Master Sommelier


With over 30 years of experience in high-end hospitality, Seattle native Darius Allyn became the 60th American passing the strenuous Master Sommelier, a title held only by around 200 distinguished individuals worldwide, examination in 2005. Allyn curates a career where he fuses and affiliates his lifetime passion for wine in creating award-winning wine programmes around the world including Wine Spectator Grand Award multi-year recipient Aureole Las Vegas and the 2010 Wine Spectator Grand Award and thus far the only Australian recipient Rockpool Bar & Grill. Over the years, Allyn has also managed wine and beverage operations for various 5-star luxury properties including Bellagio Resort (Las Vegas, USA) and Montage Beverly Hills (Los Angeles, USA). Aside from holding wine directorship and core management roles for sizeable wine programmes, Allyn has also got involved in exciting niche wine ventures including Clos Wine Bar (New York, USA), Gorge Charcuterie & Wine Bar (Los Angeles, USA), Alchemy Kitchen & Raw Bar (Las Vegas, USA) etc. where he devised unique, innovative and interaction-driven wine strategies for niche restaurant operators.

A firm believer in industry education, Allyn participates actively in promoting sommelier education worldwide, with a recent focus in Asia, for decades. He was the Adjunct Professor at The University of Nevada Las Vegas, one of America’s top 3 Hotel Management schools. He is also a regular lecturer and examiner for the Court of Master Sommeliers at all levels. As a sought-after speaker and wine judge, he has been invited to judge at Turkish Wine Awards (Istabul, Turkey) in 2012, LA Food + Wine (Los Angeles, USA) from 2010 to 2012; Seattle Wine Awards (Seattle, USA) from 2010 to 2011; Greenville Wine Euphoria (South Carolina, USA) in 2009; Santa Barbara Wine Festival (Santa Barbara, USA) from 2007 to 2008; TEXSOM (Texas, USA) from 2006 to 2009; and UNLVino (Las Vegas, USA) from 2003 to 2008.

Allyn has also spoken at various trade conferences and high-profile wine events such as Shanghai Wine Expo (Shanghai, China) from 2010 to 2013; Prowine China (Shanghai, China) from 2010 to 2013; Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair (Hong Kong, China) from 2010 to 2013; LA Food + Wine (Los Angeles, USA) from 2010 to 2012; Full Circle Wine Solutions (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, USA) from 2008 to 2012; Pebble Beach Food + Wine (Los Angeles, USA) from 2009 to 2011; Jackon Wine Experience (Wyoming, USA) in 2009; Aspen Food & Wine Classic (Colorado, USA) from 2006 to 2008; Sonoma in the City (Sonoma, USA) in 2008; and Napa Wine Auction (Napa, USA) in 2004. His industry expertise and in-depth understanding of wine has garnered him popularity and loyal support from clients and followers within and beyond the hospitality sector including ViniPortugal, New Zealand Winegrowers, Wines of Australia, Charles Schwab Investment Group, Koss Financial Corporation, D. Davids Esquire LLC etc.

To round out his understanding of all aspects related to the global business of wine, Allyn has diversified into wine importing, retailing, trade and consumer education, consulting and winemaking throughout the years, working with local and regional industry leaders including Wirtz Beverage Inc. (Las Vegas, USA) and McCarthy and Schiering Wine Merchants (Seattle, USA). He runs his own education consultancy Wineworks Consulting Services since 2006. He has obtained his Advanced Oenology Diploma from one of the top winemaking school UC Davis in 2004.

Recently Allyn returns to Las Vegas where he has acted as Opening Consultant and Wine Director of high-profile dining concepts including Rose.Rabbit.Lie., a revolutionary combination of fine dining and entertainment show concept at The Cosmopolitan; and Giada, the first debut restaurant of celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis at The Cromwell, the newest boutique hotel owned by Caesars Entertainment.

Allyn is a media’s favorite for his multifold achievements and charismatic, friendly persona. He has been featured on Las Vegas Sun, Los Angeles Times, Seven magazine, KTNV News, Eater Las Vegas, Eater Los Angeles, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Gayot, New York Times, Tasting Pen lMagazine, Review Journal, Kevin Eats, Decanter, Food GPS, e*starla, etc.When not working, he enjoys playing music, mostly acoustic guitar, piano, and drums. He is also an ardent world traveller and a writer, an interest nurtured during his early years of professional journalism training from The University of Washington. He is currently working on his first book “A Master Sommelier’s Perspective on Professional Cellar Management”, which is expected to be published in year 2015.


侍酒大师 (M.S.)



原藉美国西雅图,戴亚伦於2005年成为第60位获取全球只有约200位精英得到的侍酒大师行业殊荣。戴氏拥有逾叁十年高端餐饮服务经验,他把对葡萄酒的终生热诚及学问贯彻於他创管的葡萄酒项目,其中包括多年连续获得美国著名葡萄酒评论杂志Wine Spectator葡萄酒观察家酒单大奖的Aureole Las Vegas和2010年澳洲唯一获取同上大奖的Rockpool Bar & Grill。多年来他亦曾为多家五星级豪华酒店管理葡萄酒及饮料部门,包括美国拉斯维加斯的Bellagio Resort及洛杉矶比华利山的Montage Beverly Hills。除於大型葡萄酒项目担任执行董事及管理层要员的角色外,戴氏亦积极参与创新性强的小型葡萄酒项目,包括纽约的Clo Wine Bar,洛杉矶的Gorge Charcuterie & Wine Bar,拉斯维加斯的Alchemy Kitchen & Raw Bar等,为这些中小型餐饮企业设计独特创新而充满互动性的葡萄酒市营策略。


戴氏深信葡萄酒行业的长远发展有赖健全的教育,数十年来一直努力参与全球侍酒师教育,近年专注亚洲市场。他曾於美国首叁位酒店管理学院The University of Nevada Las Vegas任职兼任教授,亦经常为国际侍酒大师公会所有程度的考试担当讲师及考官。戴氏经常被邀担任讲者及评审,包括土耳其伊斯坦布尔的土耳其葡萄酒大赛(2012年)、美国洛杉矶的LA Food + Wine(2010至2012年),美国西雅图的西雅图葡萄酒大赛(2010至2011年),美国南卡路莲娜的Greenville Wine Euphoria(2009年),美国圣巴巴拉的圣巴巴拉葡萄酒节(2007至2008年),美国德州的TexSom大赛(2006至2009年)及美国拉斯维加斯的UNLVino大赛(2003至2008年)。

戴氏亦曾参与并於全球各地多个葡萄酒业界展览及重要会议上演讲,包括中国上海的上海国际葡萄酒展(2010至2013年);中国上海的中国Prowein展(2010至2013年);中国香港的香港国际葡萄酒及烈酒展(2010至2013年);美国洛杉矶的LA Food + Wine(2010至2012年);美国洛杉矶及拉斯维加斯双城举行的 Full Circle Wine Solutions(2008至2012年) ;美国怀俄明州的康爵酒莊葡萄酒体验 (2009年);美国科罗拉多州的阿斯彭经典食品及葡萄酒展 (2006至2008年);美国加州索诺玛的Sonoma in the City (2008年)及美国加州纳帕的纳帕葡萄酒拍卖会(2004年)。他对行业深入独到的见解以及平易近人且互动性强的作风,为他赢得不少客户及拥戴者的长远支持,包括葡萄牙葡萄酒行业协会(ViniPortugal),新西兰种植商协会(New Zealand Winegrowers),澳洲葡萄酒协会(Wines of Australia),嘉信投资经纪集团(Charles Schwab Investment Group),Koss Financial Corporation,D. Davids Esquire LLC 律师行等。

为求完善个人对国际葡萄酒业的了解,戴氏曾涉足入口商、零售商、业界及消费者教育、谘询以及酿酒,与美国本土及地区行业领袖如Wirtz Beverage Inc及McCarthy and Schlering Wine Merchants 合作紧密。2006年始,他开始以Wineworks Consulting Services公司名义,经管葡萄酒谘询及教育服务。他於2004年获得全球顶尖酿酒学院之一UC Davis颁授高级酿酒文凭。

戴氏最近重回拉斯维加斯,为当地高曝光率的餐饮概念如Cosmopolitan酒店的把高级餐饮及娱乐秀二合为一的餐厅Rose.Rabbit.Lie及凯撒娱乐集团最新精品酒店The Cromwell的独家餐厅Giada担任葡萄酒顾问及部门主管。

戴氏以其出色成就、友善态度及超凡魅力,获得不少传媒欢心,曾见报於Las Vegas Sun, Los Angeles Times, Seven magazine, KTNV News, Eater Las Vegas, Eater Los Angeles, Wine and Spirits Magazine, Gayot, New York Times, Tasting Pen lMagazine, Review Journal, Kevin Eats, Decanter, Food GPS, e*starla等平台。工馀时,戴氏喜欢音乐,以弹古典结他,钢琴及打鼓为兴趣。他亦喜欢周遊列国,并以写作分享他的所见所闻,充份利用他早年於The University of Washington获得专业新闻采写大学学位的训练所得。戴氏现正撰写第一部书「侍酒大师眼中的专业酒窖管理」,冀於2015年出版。

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